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High! (Pun intended!) My name is Mike Payeur, welcome to Happy Grass ~ Making America Happy Again!! I am a lifelong resident of Maine and reside in Biddeford. Although the Happy Grass name was established in latter part of 2021, we've been happily growing medical marijuana since 2015 and we are thrilled to launch our delivery service in early 2022. Our climate controlled, indoor growing facility is located in Windham, Maine. Our mission is to offer high quality cannabis and non-cannabis products at a fair price that will ease your mind, ease your pain, fill your tummy, help you sleep better, and most of all, "Make You Happy Again"... Enjoy!!


Our plants are grown in organic soil. We use reverse osmosis water and a fine mixture of nutrients. The plants are grown, dried and cured in a climate controlled environment resulting in a high quality, clean smoking product. We are Happily supplying medical marijuana and other cannabis and non-cannabis products to our patients in Maine and reciprocating states.


We are firm believers of supporting local businesses and organizations. The vast majority of what we buy to operate Happy Grass is purchased locally. Therefore, when you buy our products you are supporting the local communities right here in Maine. This makes us Happy! A portion of the net proceeds from Happy Grass goes to "Wounded Heroes Program of Maine". They are a non-profit organization in Maine dedicated to helping our local wounded veterans. For more info on WHP, visit

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